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I have deployed five RHEL 7 VMs to run SIEMonster v2.5 bare-metal and have followed the instructions through to p.20:    All the services and containers have started except service "msa".  This is giving the following errors:   Date Level Event… (Show more)
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Using SIEMonster 2.5 here.   On the main dashboard, there is an error with the image being served by Jira.   It displays correctly in IE (windows) and Firefox (from Mac only, haven't checked Windows) n   In Chrome (windows and Mac), it displays as a garbled mess of letters.   In Safari (mac), it gets downloaded rather than being displayed at… (Show more)
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Hello All,   I'm having some trouble keeping persistent data in the logstash container. I've made changes in the /config-dir, but when I upgrade the container through Rancher I lose all my data. I understand this is because a new container is being created from the ikuturso/logstash image. I've read that there are two ways to keep my changes made… (Show more)
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Hi guys,   I've recently set up a nice working 4 node cluster with everything from docker to Kibana running however Skedler is adamant in disagreeing with this:   The error being: Please check Kibana is running    I've checked through the config files in the Skedler container and they appear to be set up properly as well as having Kibana… (Show more)
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Howdy community,   I'm running V2.5 images on ESXi 6.5.  Rancher reports that the docker-images-updater won't start with the error: Expected state running but got error: Error response from daemon: grpc: the connection is unavailable   Has anyone else experienced this problem and found a resolution?  Do you need more info to diagnose?   Thanks… (Show more)
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I have the SIEMonster cluster behind a firewall using private IP addresses firewall is logging outgoing packtes from (rancher metadata) as well as (siem health on proteus).   Why don't these addresses get NATted when accessing the Internet? Which services are broken because of missing connectivity?  … (Show more)
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Hi there, So I am fairly new to this so I am hoping I am just being an idiot. I have downloaded the download files and followed through the installation video and documentation to get Siemonster up and running, no issues here.   My next step is to configure this with our Palo Alto instance, I've been using the 2 minute Noodle guide and also this… (Show more)
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Followed the install Guide for VMWARE appliances for version 2.5 and everything seemed to go smoothly.  Pointed our ASA to the Proteus server.  No events showing in the Dashboard.   Looked through a couple articles and everything seemed to be correct except missing the network.log on the Proteus server.   Checked the logs on the syslog-ng-1 server… (Show more)
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Hello Could you please clarify if the Skedler license for scheduled reports is included in the cost of premium or mssp ?   If so, is it the standard. the advanced or the premier edition?   Thanks
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I followed the instructions in the operational guide on SIEMonster's documentation and even checked the steps in the installation video for OSSEC HIDS. I also ensured that there are no firewalls blocking any of the ports that are in the default 00-inputs.conf file (3528, 3521, 3522, 3523). However, there is still no ossec data being sent to my… (Show more)
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